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7 Style Mistakes to Avoid When Looking For Love


Find your style alchemy.


Why wait….! Work with us to truly draw out your best qualities and display them to the world with your own STANDOUTBRAND! Introduce your best you to the world!


Easy Peasy… Our 3 STEP PROCESS that not only builds your style foundation and the tips and tools to maintain it, this will also give you your signature STAND OUT STYLE!

DAY with TJ

Wowsa… an in person VIP unforgettable and exciting DAY with TJ. Head to toe, triage to complete makeover. Connect with your best you. Get in syn and get what you really want.

“When you impress an image on the subconscious mind that image dictates the results you attract into your life” ~ Bob Proctor

Our Mission

The world is made up of beautiful souls and beautiful people. Our passion lies in seeking out and amplifying the beauty in you. We believe in a world where when individuals inner and outer selves are in sync they better connect with their purpose, desires and others

Your Brand

You know that feeling when you put on an outfit or a suit that you feel awesome in? So awesome that people see you differently. That is our mission. To help you always feel that way. To bring that inner beauty and confidence in you to the outside world.

Your Life

When your inner strength meets your unique style magic happens. You exude your style superpower and the impossible feels possible. Suit yourself and dress your life.


Average pairs of grandma like undies to discard


Percent of men who should not listen to their spouse or mom on style


The number of haircuts per year one should have


Percent of men who suffer from style stagnation

About Tina Jesso

Sewing and styling hair since the age of 10, Tina’s innate passion for style goes way back. Her 30+ successful years in the sales, recruitment and training industry, coupled with her intimate knowledge of the online dating world, uniquely positions her as an expert in professional/personal style and image profiling. She credits much of her sales and leadership development success to many years of investing in ongoing self-development training.


She embodies the quintessential quality woman; representing balance, empowerment and inner love. By equally focusing on the inner self as well as using her long-time talent in personal style, she helps educate clients to revitalize their appearance and thus, their attraction factor.


New Classic Retro Style Tips

  • How do you feel tonight? What impression are you trying to create? What crowd are you hanging out with? Even with a simple clothing palate of jeans and t-shirt, you can create entirely different impressions and mo...

  • Isn’t this an obvious one – who wouldn’t want to work from home and hang out in your jammies, unkempt hair, and makeup-free face? Right? COMPLETELY OFF THE CHARTS WRONG!...

  • A girlfriend of mine was super excited about an upcoming second date with a man she met and really liked. After she told me what she was wearing I asked: “what about your undergarments?”. “Tina!!!! I’m not going t...

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To find your style super power.

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