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Success Coach

Core Genius Assessment and Coaching

A detailed Core Genius report and individual or group coaching helps you understand and integrate valuable insights.  This process can lead to better relationships, more meaningful careers and improved family dynamics.  Everything you need to feel confident about your next move.

Consulting – Public and Private Sectors

Consulting with professional groups to ensure they are no longer in the 80% of companies/groups with disengaged members.  We use proven behaviorial tools to train leaders to better engage with and guide their clients/employees towards better outcomes.

Defining your
Life Direction

5-carat your life. A game-changer for those that are feeling stuck, unsure of the next move or lost after a life crisis. Learn how to use the tools to help you tap into your purpose today and take action towards what truly brings you fulfillment and direction.

My Mission

I am here to help those looking for guidance and getting unstuck so they can savor more harmonious relationships; satisfying career direction; attract quality people; or find purpose after a big life change. My clients tell me that they are having fun while being challenged on this amazing road to self-discovery…  I am  happy to say that you are not alone to figure out how to get started. There are ways to shine the light on the blind spots, affect behaviour change, leave the past behind and approach the future with focused, optimistic confidence.


Your Brand

You know that feeling when you just crushed an assignment, helped someone in need, got a promotion or took a risk that paid off – you feel awesome, right? So awesome that people see you differently … And, having someone to be accountable to and guide you in the direction that you finally had the guts to share will definitely better your chances of success – quicker. That is my mission. To bring those inner stories to light, help with letting go of the past, self-acceptance and taking action in the direction of personal purpose. So rewarding!

Your Life

The gift you give yourself of a true transformation is really about THE FEELINGS you experience …  It means joy, a lightened spirit, self-confidence and a more positive self-image will ultimately lead to enhancing your self-confidence and attracting quality people and events that will show up in your life!  You will be the light that attracts more light.


Tina Jesso

Hey there, I’m Tina—your catalyst for change and personal growth.

I specialize in helping folks break free from stagnation and achieve transformation in their lives. I’m all about identifying those sneaky barriers that hold you back and empowering you to overcome them.

I get that everyone’s unique, so I personalize the coaching process just for you. Together, we’ll explore your potential, boost your self-esteem, and unleash your hidden talents.

I’m a certified Canfield Success Trainer, armed with tools like the Passion Test and Xyte Insight Assessment. They’ll help you tap into your core genius, understand your actions better, and figure out your next moves.

And hey, I’ve got over 30 years of entrepreneurial experience in the financial services industry. My insights have helped sales pros rise to the top in their regions, and I’m super passionate about empowering others to succeed.

Whatever you’re aiming for—career growth, better relationships, or personal fulfillment—I’m here to help light the way. Let’s break those barriers, create a life aligned with your true desires, and achieve your goals together.

I’ve been on my own transformative journey, and with my business background, I’ll guide you to where you truly want to be. Uncover the keys to achieving your personal goals in life with me as your trusted guide. Let’s make it happen!


My credentials

Let’s get you started FOR success on your terms!





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