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You could have the the most stylish outfit but if your clothing looks ratty or stained, it can ruin the whole look. Sometimes all your clothing needs is a little bit of love to bring it back to life. Here are some ridiculously easy tips and tricks using household items to avoid damaging your clothing and to reboot those pieces that may need a little help.

A little bit of effort goes a long way!

“all your clothing needs is a little bit of love to bring it back to life.”



*Pilling can make a beautiful garment look old and worn. Easily de-pill your clothing using a razor. Run a basic razor (no moisture strips!) gently over your garment to shave off the pills. Use tape or a lint roller to pick off any left overs. Voila! Good as new.



*Angora and mohair sweaters are prone to shedding, and you really don’t want these luxe materials to shed and ruin anything it comes into contact with. This also goes for fleece, and knits. Leave the garment in the freezer overnight and there’ll be no more shedding! This magic also works with feathered garments.



  • Stain or scuff on your favourite suede? Don’t panic! Grab a nail file and gently buff the spot.
  • Window cleaner can be used on patent leather to easily clean it, remove and scuffs, and make it shine like new!
  • Salt stains are the worst! We see you people surviving winter and trying to look cute. Mix vinegar and water to safely remove salt stains from leather without damaging it.



Calling all makeup wearers! This one is for you. Last minute rapid fire outfit change that left a stain on your shirt? Beauty blog mishap? Don’t fret! These household items will help lift the stains and save your clothing.

  • Foundation – Blot (don’t rub!) stain with a piece of paper towel to gently remove any excess product. Treat the spot with shaving cream and rub it into the fibre of the fabric so that it begins to lather. Wash off the shaving cream with cold water. If the stain persists, reapply shaving cream, rub, and wash with warm water. Finally, wash the garment normally using a a detergent that has stain removal properties.
  • Lipstick – Don’t try to rub it off, that will embed the lipstick into the fabric fibres. Instead, spray hairspray on the lipstick smudge and let it soak in for a few minutes before putting the item in the washing machine.



White marks on your black shirt? We’ve all been there. Use a dryer sheet or dry sponge to quickly remove deodorant stains.

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