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Isn’t this an obvious one – who wouldn’t want to work from home and hang out in your jammies, unkempt hair, and makeup-free face? Right? COMPLETELY OFF THE CHARTS WRONG!

I have worked 10 years from home and can tell you that when my sales coach had me dress in a work outfit and makeup and sit at my desk from 9am every day – it doubled my sales! How could this be you ask – no one can see you, how can your appearance directly impact your results when you are not in front of your boss or clients?

Well, there is this interesting concept of projecting your style image. Without being able to put a finger on why or how, people feel your vibes over the phone or in emails or texts. By putting yourself in work attire, your body and your subconscious automatically feels and registers the “work costume”, and your output is impacted. And, psychologically speaking – when you dress for your profession, even if no one else is in your home – you show a level of care and respect for your job that can translate in your attracting accolades and /or improving your results. This is particularly true when you work in a sales environment or participate in live webinars.

And, a great tip is to put a mirror in front of you to remind you to SMILE, SMILE, SMILE.  People really do feel a smile over the telephone and will respond much better to whatever you are promoting on your call!  When it comes to webinars – use this occasion as an opportunity to show your boss, colleagues or clients that you know how it is done.  Make sure your office setting is clutter free and pleasing to the eye – no boxes or dirty laundry in the line of sight.  And, please dress the part and make it business casual – no sweatpants or wrinkly shirts!

So, your Work from Home Wardrobe is a thing and is a great tool that you could use to your advantage to elevate your spirits, increase your sales or simply motivate you to work more effectively.  Putting this best professional foot forward could increase your chances of snagging that raise or new position.   Dress for success, no matter where you work.

If you find yourself needing further guidance or personalized attention on this get in touch with us.

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