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A girlfriend of mine was super excited about an upcoming second date with a man she met and really liked. After she told me what she was wearing I asked: “what about your undergarments?”. “Tina!!!! I’m not going to sleep with him….yet.” I told her I wasn’t asking if she was going to sleep with him and added that nonetheless she should put on something super sexy like a thong, G-string or tanga. She was horrified and said: “But don’t they go up your bum?”

I reassured her that those underwear styles do not go up the bum but simply rest there and that wearing them avoids other problems like bad panty lines, underwear that ride up and the need for frequent panty adjustments.

Believe it or not I often find that asking clients what kind of underwear they wear is the biggest indicator about the attention they pay to their overall look and how they really feel inside about themselves. There are so many different types of underwear styles, fabrics and colors it can be difficult to choose. My suggestion is to think what kind of mood are you in and then what style, color and fabric matches that mood. Your weight, shape and body type can also play a big role in the color and style choices that are best for you…..but I have even come across sexy looking control top briefs so really there is no excuse to not feel ANY way you want to feel. All I know is that feeling the fabric of my pants or skirt against my flesh always gives me an inner feeling of feminine sex appeal.

What’s the takeaway here – it’s time to buy new underwear for you.

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