5 Proven Tips for a Dating Profile that Performs!
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5 Proven Tips for a Dating Profile that Performs!

If someone had given me the following advice several years ago when I was newly divorced and dating again it probably wouldn’t have taken all those years to find amazing love …

Based on my several years of dating experience, research and coaching many singles to dating success, I am very happy to be able to offer you this proven roadmap to a successful dating profile.

And please know that these tips only work if you spend some time, thought and effort – and it is SO WORTH IT! You can literally save yourself hours and hours sifting through responses, reading profiles and texting, that lead nowhere.

Pro Tip – dating profiles should be equal parts – of including info that attract your ideal partner as well as repelling those that are really not suitable for you. After all you don’t have time to waste filtering those that are definitely not a fit!

Here are the five most important tips of creating an online dating profile that gets your ideal results:

1. PREP WORK – mental and physical
So, if you skip this step, you greatly reduce the chances of finding great dates. To the extent that you are clear about what you want in your future love, what you want will show up in your life. An amazing person may be in your orbit right now, but maybe you don’t see it because you have not yet identified the 10 – 15 qualities and core values of what you want in a mate. Next, write it down, put this in a highly visual spot and read it every day. Studies show that written goals materialize much faster than no goals or goals that are only in your head. This is pretty important too – sit quietly and visualize your heart opening and feel the feelings you will have when you have that amazing, exciting love in your life… Neil Goddard says “All you can possibly need, or desire is already yours. Call your desires into being by imagining and feeling your wish fulfilled.”

2. Be upfront and honest – you be you
Effective online dating profiles make it clear the user knows what they want out of a mate. If you want marriage and kids, say so. If you want just to have fun, say so. If you want someone who practises (your religion) or someone who loves self-development, say so. If you are in your fifties like me and starting a new exciting career – don’t be afraid to say so. BTW – after I added this to my profile, the number of responses went down because as many men of that age are slowing down, not starting over. This was great because I wasted less time chatting to guys that would not work out. AND a really cute guy texted “I admire your courage for starting something new at this time in your life”. We have been together in an amazing relationship now for 10 months.

3. Use humor, flirty tones
Humor is a really attractive quality in a potential partner, for men and women both. Whether it’s adding in a self-deprecating line, telling a cute joke goes a long way to getting attention in a sea of like and heart emojis. Example: “Don’t mind the man cave at all – in fact it could be a fun place to rendez-vous after the game! 💃😉🕺”

4. DON’T put up a warning sign
When you say things like “drama free please”, “the emotionally unavailable need not apply” or “narcists please move along” – what do you think that says about you? Could it look like you have unresolved issues? If that’s the case, that is ok, just take some time to deal with it. My advice is to focus on the positive of who you are and here’s an example: “I never knew my fifties could be such a great place – with the wisdom of lessons learned, divorce in the rear-view mirror and having a blast with friends, kids and family – life could only be enhanced by sharing my life with a great partner…”

5. Effort = Results
Generally your results are determined by the time and care you put into developing your dating profile. Write 2 to 3 paragraphs at the most – approximately 200 words is ideal. The more it seems genuine and real, the more people want to learn about you. Try to be grammatically correct and at the same time be gentle with the those that respond to you that may have a few spelling mistakes – we are all human. Here is a great example.

“I’m the kind of girl who wakes up pretty happy and expecting good things to happen. I guess you could say that I am ambitious, energetic woman and am blessed with a pretty good life. I am ready for a committed relationship, playmate and FYI – I’m not looking for someone to complete me. I’M HAPPY & complete.

I love discovering new things, reading (personal growth), travelling pushing my comfort zone, laughing until my sides hurt, a delicious glass of wine, tennis, brisk walks & hikes in nature. Would love also to occasionally try spirituality, and humanitarian-based travelling … I guess I’m not afraid of a little adventure. Care to join me?

I will be your biggest cheerleader (ask my friends ). My guiding philosophy is I am a work in progress and to treat others as I like to be treated. Would love to meet someone like-minded, shares similar interests and is ready to dive into deep conversations! Most of all, I want someone who cherishes me, challenges me and pushes me outside of my box and I them. The one thing we definitely have in common – kindness.”

I would love to see YOUR PROFILE. You can email me at tina@tinajesso.com and I will select a few for feedback. Sending the very best wishes on your journey to finding beautiful love! ❤️

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  • Gladys Creitz
    Posted at 09:03h, 04 February Reply

    These were great tips, thank you!

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