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Passion Test Comes to Life!

Printed with the permission of author, Eva Yanqiu Xu, Entrepreneur, Toronto

I always thought PASSION is overrated. I heard that knowing your passions can benefit you, but how much and how I wondered?

It’s not like that I have never asked myself the BIG question: “Eva, what are you passionate about?” And I got some answers here and there. But I often forgot what I thought I was passionate about, and I constantly changed my answers every time I ask myself the same question. So I concluded that my life is going on just OK without knowing my passion and since passion doesn’t pay the bills so what’s the point to figure it out anyway?

Due to the negative impact from the pandemic and some personal situation changes, I became quite demotivated in doing the work which I have invested with a lot of energy, time and money in the past 6 years. When the pandemic started to ease, however, I felt anxious about going back to my old set of work because it drains me easily, and I was thinking about pivoting to different ways of doing this business or even changing the industry.

People know me as an action taker, I am not a lazy person and I am even a bit workaholic. Not feeling like working on my business was torture for me. So I started looking for a coach to help me find out what was wrong with me.

On the exploration call with Tina, I was sold on Tina’s Passion test instantly, that’s how desperately I was to find my true north so that I can feel fulfilled and happy again.

I followed Tina’s instructions and made my very first “Passion list”.

Tina made me post that list everywhere, and she was quite adamant about it for some reason. I did it, not because I believe it’s necessary but because I simply trust her.

There are a couple of things that seemed odd to me after completing the Passion Test:  1) My top 3 passions I listed was not the top 3 activities I am pursuing on daily basis at all (no wonder I was not happy); 2) My current work did not even make to the list (explaining my lack of interest). Surprising but expected. Interesting to know, right? But the miraculous power of the passion test started working on me pretty quickly.

Within two months, I manifested three things out of the 5 listed things I have truly and deeply desired and wanted.

Life is more than fulfilling with our social duties as a mom, daughter, wife, worker, manager, business owner, etc. I always want to live a passionate and fulfilled life. The passion test was a smart place to start for me.

Some benefits from taking the Passion Test:

–   Gives me clarity on what I truly desire and deeply love.

–   Brings my focus back to the most important things for me to achieve and accomplish.

–   Guides my daily activities towards my truly ideal life and work.

–   Creates miracles.

I don’t know how many things in this world can help me achieve those things above, therefore I will always be grateful for Tina introducing the Passion Test/List to me and I would recommend it to every single human being in this world.

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