The BEST TIPS For Communicating with Him!
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The BEST TIPS For Communicating with Him!


  1. 🗣 Who talks and who listens more on 1st date?

ANSWER: Both! The only way you and he can start developing a connection is if you open up about yourself and even show a little vulnerability on your 1st dates…

CAUTION: Careful that you are so intent on being a great empathetic listener that you forget to talk!

2. 🗣 In general – men are more action-oriented, prefer direct communication, women feeling oriented, indirect (drop hints that men don’t always pick up on, sometimes leading to miscommunications).

SOLUTION: Clear verbal communication, less dropping hints.

3. 🗣 So, if you are talking to your guy when he is focused on a task (cooking, watching TV), he may not even respond or just briefly. Men can typically focus on one thing at a time, whereas women’s brains can handle more than one task.

SOLUTION: Don’t take it personally. Stop talking and bring it up later when you have his attention.

4. 🗣 When you ask him to change a behaviour that bothers you, OR greet him at the door with a to-do list or with your worries and he doesn’t respond favorably…. He may just give a brief response or even walk away.

SOLUTION: Let him go and especially DO NOT FOLLOW HIM or continue to talk at him. He needs time to himself to absorb what went on in order to figure things out. He feels like his way to process is being respected by you and there is a better chance for a favorable outcome!

BEST – let him unwind when he gets home and talk later…

A GEM from Dr. John Gray (Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus): Men love to connect with us – but they need to withdraw at times – after intimacy, when confronted by a problem to be resolved, especially emotional – in order to rebuild their testosterone and to feel balanced and better able to handle resolving issues. A great case for giving our guys their space!

5. Know each other’s Love Language. ABSOLUTELY do the quiz found on This great tool will help you identify how you both feel the most loved and respected. Who would not want to give and receive love in more meaningful ways and even grow closer. With this great relationship base, miscommunication and festering frustrations can be minimized. This works whether you are a new couple or been together for years!

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