Core Genius Assessment does ALL THAT?
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Core Genius Assessment does ALL THAT?

I have been in the coaching field for close to 25 years – and WOW, wish I’d known about this game changer then! Essentially – this assessment is a great tool for getting to the heart of the matter faster than without it.  Bottom line is it helps clients get to where they want to be more efficiently and with a scientific tool, they can use to their advantage every day …

So, who can this Assessment help?  Let me speak from direct experience.

People have reach out to me professionally to … end their emotional pain … feel happier … have less stress … remove anger … get unstuck … fix a relationship problem … find a better job … and, to work with a US Justice Dept to coach youth at risk to build confidence and create career and positive life paths.

Since discovering this assessment, through a personal introduction from personal growth giant, Jack Canfield, my coaching/consulting business has been elevated to a whole new level – because of the impact on my clients…

Here are a few stories from my clients and their names have been changed to protect their privacy.

Elyse: She cried when she read her profile because she had thought since she was a child there was something wrong with her mind – that didn’t work like teachers seemed to think it should. Over the years, she consulted with doctors and asked for medication to “cure” her.  Now, seeing for the first time, these same qualities that were presented as her innate core genius, she felt tremendous relief and understood how her qualities are her core strengths and was reminded of how to better leverage her gifts.

Bruce: This client was trying to exit an abusive marriage of 15 years. His self-esteem and self-confidence were below zero… until we read his profile. He recognized and was buoyed by reading about his amazing strengths, how his mind works, his motivations and how he made decisions.  Almost immediately, armed with a greater self-confidence, he asked and received more pay for less work from his employer. That was the first step. Then he created and acted on a humane and well-thought-out way to leave his wife. Since then, he started a side-line business that is flourishing, he and his kids are happier, and he doesn’t even look like the shy, sad and hesitant man of just a few months ago.

Justice System: Dakota and his mom (a psychologist) had opposite points of view on his future. His frustration and a few other personal concerns led him into trouble. After doing the Assessment with Nathan and his mom, things started to settle down .and the mom says that she now understands her son in a new light and helped to shift her focus on how to guide him more successfully based on his innate talents, with less friction.

The Core Genius Assessment is definitely really eye-opening and life-affirming.   And, to increase your chances of leveraging, understanding and putting the results into action, working with a professional coach might just be the spark to ignite your progress!

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