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Tina Jesso being interviewed by Jack Canfield

Interviewed by JACK Canfield!

The famed author of Chicken Soup for the Soul & the wildly popular Success Principles intervews Life Success Coach, Tina Jesso. Jack asks probing questions about the gaps in today’s world of singles looking for a relationship and what it really takes to get there! And, who knew that doing the work to finding a great life partner can trigger success in all relationships and positively impact your career!

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Tina Jesso interviewing John Gray on how to create and keep attraction in a relationship

John Gray dropping GOLD – Creating and Keeping Attraction!

Today in this episode of TINA TALKS, Dr. John Gray, leading relationship expert and author of “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” , reveals the best ways to keep a relationship alive and thriving. He talks about how to maintain the masculine/feminine balance; knowing how we handle STRESS differently can lead to greater HARMONY; and the KEY phrases men love to hear! A great quote from John: “Lose attraction, lose traction!”

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Tina Jesso

Tina’s 30+ successful years in the sales recruitment and training industry, coupled with her intimate knowledge of the online dating world, uniquely positions her as an expert in image profiling, success and dating readiness.