I first started working with Tina in May of 2021. At that time despite my businesses doing well through the pandemic - I was feeling down and disappointed with my performance. I honestly felt I was letting the people around me down, a terrible feeling., Tina asked me a few simple but very key questions that gave me pause and time to reflect and the first thing was accepting that frankly we had lots to be proud of. What Tina helped me with is to understand; what is most important to me, what are the projects, actions, activities, interactions that are most important to how I want my life to unfold and give me the most joy and satisfaction. To sum it all up - I had all the tools but they were all jumbled in my toolbox. Tina has helped me organize my toolbox and get me in tune with my emotions and what truly motivates me. And, BTW, my businesses and relationships are flourishing now at a whole new level! Valuable indeed.
Darcy Haggith giving feedback on coaching with Tina Jesso
President, Nutraceuticals Company, Toronto
Tina has an intuitive mind and the listening skills that are off the charts. Her passion for others is unmatched and this is so evident in her quest to draw out the deep meaning of those she engages with. My personal experience was the freedom to be vulnerable knowing that it was in the safest environment and that having my best interest was her first priority, and that it was and continues to be a sacred level of trust. The best of coaching is always about the client, Tina excels in this as a superpower, and her level of awareness is off the charts. I feel an immense amount of gratitude for the opportunity to have been the recipient of her coaching and the friendship that has developed out of it. She is a true gift, not only in the coaching space, but to all who interact with her.
Health Coach, Indiana
Given that I am an immigrant from Africa, it meant that I had no "people" who usually are relatives (close and extended) and family friends whom one can turn to for advice regarding problems and issues, how to take advantage of opportunities and how to navigate relationships. I met Tina and she became my "people." When I began working with coach Tina, I was a shadow of myself, an almost broken man who lived in fear, had so many self-esteem issues, and couldn't see how my life could be better beyond survival mode. My coach Tina helped me to "see" how my life could be different, practical things I could do to make it better and how I was not what I had come to believe about myself. She helped me "see" that I was strong, I was a giant and not a mouse, and that regardless of how things looked there was an alternate version of life where I was thriving, growing, and happy. I began to live this new truth and not only was I able to leave a toxic relationship that was detrimental to my mental, emotional and physical wellbeing but I was able to establish a great business that I am growing now. Coach Tina helped me with separated parenting and how to manage my career and how to make sure I was investing wisely for the future. When we trace how something great happened, there is always a critical point where things shifted and for me, it was meeting and working with Coach Tina and moving forward in greatness.
Brian Vera giving testimonial for Tina Jesso Coaching
IT Manager, Toronto
It has been great working with Tina. She is warm, honest and has helped me establish boundaries with men again. After a 25-year marriage that ended in divorce, I appreciated the guidance she gave me to enter the dating world again and to become aware of my own blind spots. I feel supported and confident I will make good love choices going forward!
Denise Paget giving testimonial for Tina Jesso
Senior Government Official, Toronto
I am so grateful that Tina reached out to me when I needed help! My 46 year marriage was in crisis mode. She listened patiently and compassionately to my concerns and offered expert advice and strategies which gave me insight into how differences could be harmonized in a relationship. My husband and l are now communicating better and we are on the path to” happily ever after”. Thanks to Tina for being honest, sincere and non-judgemental during our sessions. I highly recommend her professional coaching.
Retired Teacher, Ontario
My time with Tina was very helpful. I had 4 sessions with her when I was going through a rough patch. She is a great listener, very insightful, pays attention to details. She helped me see and understand things differently. I would highly recommend her. Thank you!!
Manager, Toronto
Tina has paved a path of success though her compassionate and truly authentic style of coaching. Her deep studies in understanding the individual cognofile and what really triggers a person to step into their truth is so highly effective. She has been a fundamental part of my business and relationship growth.
Entrepreneur, Vancouver
I was desperate..seeking help in something I thought wasnt changeable. Tina immediately made me feel things werent as bad as they seemed. She picked me up and showed me how to view things differently. Showed me ways to improve my situation. After each session she gave me things to work on homework, which I took very seriously. A year later, things are incredible, she made life wonderful. I hear her now in my head when Im unsure to think before reacting. So happy and life changing thanks to Tina.
Retired, Health Care, Ontario
Very insightful.... I not only enjoyed my experience but looked forward to meeting every week. Discovering more about my relationship and myself helped me communicate and especially listen. She is one of the best Trainers I have ever had the privilege to learn from. I would highly recommend her and the programs she offers.
Entrepreneur, California
Tina has been an inspirational coach, she leads from her heart. She has amazing tools, strategies and techniques that give you the ability to get what you want. I highly recommend her.
HR, California
Tina has most definitely provided me with the resources and tools to make a positive change in my life. I have to admit when I first began my sessions with Tina I was feeling hesitant that she would be able to help resolve all of my issues. However, I proceeded cautiously with her suggestions. When I quickly started to see incredibly positive changes in my sense of well-being and in my relationships with others, she had me hooked! Due to Tina's keen insight, supportive openness and warm personality, I began to look forward for our next sessions together. She provided me with practical tools and resources (books, YouTube clips, strategies, etc.) that were relevant to my needs at that time in my journey. So, bottom line, I highly recommend Tina Jesso as a life coach who has the personality, resources at her finger tips and knowledge base to empower others to make a positive change in their lives. Worth every penny and more!
Retired Teacher, Ontario
Its been over a year now that I have been seeing Tina, and its been wonderful. Not only do I not feel judged but I feel heard.
HR, Ottawa