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SOS & GPS Dating!

Navigate the modern dating jungle with one-on-one guidance and feedback.  Reduce the anxiety, get your answers and get it right.  Weekly one-on-one calls, text support and group calls.  Everything you need to feel confident about your next move



  • An evaluation of Dating Goals and Love List and Non-Negotiables, which become the guideposts of dating decisions.
  • Weekly one-hour GPS calls advising and guiding all aspects of your dating life as needed.
  • Bonus time of 2 weekly SOS texting sessions when you absolutely need timely advice as your dating life unfolds.


5-carat your love game.  Discover the real qualities of your ideal mate. Refine your Stand Out Style to build your sexy confidence. Customized for your situation and needs. Discretion assured.


INCLUDES: A 3-month coaching course to help you lay the groundwork for finding meaningful love connections by:

  • First focusing on you – we unpack the past mistakes, so they are not repeated
  • We figure out the right type of person for you, your non-negotiables
  • Formulate your dating strategy for maximum fun with low stress
  • Reboot your style superpower and yes teach you how to flirt!

You will be well on your way to becoming a magnet for attracting a great partner!  The lighter energy and sense of self-worth that comes from off-loading the past and the confidence of knowing what you want and deserve – coupled with beautiful, flattering outfits will definitely make you feel self-sexy, confident and OF COURSE help magnetize your attraction factor.

Find your INNER SEXY!

How can you tap into this powerful emotion to elevate into your life and your love game? Following the “7 Simple Steps to Your Inner Sexy” leads to a more confident, attractive and passionate you.


INCLUDES: This is a self-directed program that guides you seamlessly through each of the 7 steps and includes powerful and transformative exercises where you submit answers and receive feedback and one coaching call.


The Inner Sexy program takes you on a path of:

  • Self-Discovery
  • Body Image
  • Purpose & Passion
  • Self-Care
  • Embracing
  • Get Comfortable
  • The Art of Flirting

BRAND New You!

Why wait…! Work with us to draw out your best qualities and display them to the world of social media with your own STANDOUTBRAND! We will do a review of your existing on-line persona (Facebook, Instagram LinkedIn), and a deep dive assessment of you and your goals. We will have a copy writer create the BRAND new you that matches your dynamic self and photo coaching for up to 3 images. Ensure your potential LoveInSync dates see a wonderful congruent message of you throughout your cyber presence. Sign up now for your social media reboot!


• An in-depth process to get to know you
• A one-on-one deep dive assessment with concrete tips to put your confident best foot forward
• A professional copy writer to create the BRAND new you
• A personalized profile that matches your dynamic self
• Photo coaching for up to 3 images
• A social media reboot
• A detailed questionnaire

VIRTUAL STYLE Transformation !

Easy Peasy… Our 3 STEP PROCESS that not only builds your style foundation and the tips and tools to maintain it, this will also give you your signature STAND OUT STYLE!


Step 1 – We get you started with a quick, eye-opening guide on organizing and refining your current wardrobe, and how to use your style to your advantage.


Step 2 – You complete a questionnaire “All About You” to help us understand your authentic self and what we need to prepare for your style transformation consultation.


Step 3 – An hour-long one-on-one virtual meeting with one of our style experts where we help you solve your style challenges, revamp your wardrobe and make style suggestions to help you SHINE. We work with your beliefs, lifestyle, profession and personality. We even include store suggestions and a mood board to help guide you while shopping.


Walk away from this experience with all of the knowledge you need to dress your best, stand out, and put your best foot forward on your journey to find love!

Day with TJ STYLIST!

Wowsa…. In person with a topnotch TinaJesso stylist or Tina herself. We would like to spoil you for taking this important step to showcase your STANDOUTSTYLE in an unforgettable and exciting day.


Are you ready for your COMPLETE head to toe MAKEOVER?
We will lavish you with:

• A wardrobe triage
• Great new outfits from your existing wardrobe
• A visit to the perfect shops for you and your body type
• One on one personalized shopping
• Makeup, skincare,
• Hair consult and styling
• Tasty nibbles along the way to keep you hydrated and energized


Making this investment in yourself will impact your self-image at the core level and will transform the way you feel and the way you portray yourself to the world.