Consulting Services

Let’s get you started for success on your terms!

Tina’s 30+ successful years in the sales, business coaching and training industry, along with her background as a Canfield Success Coach and Core Strengths Assessment Trainer, help  clients bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be.


Core Genius Assessment with Coaching

Navigate this all-inclusive Core Genius Assessment with one-on-one guidance and feedback. Offered to individuals, families or corporate groups. Amazing value as you can use this insight to unlock the key of who you truly are, your unique gifts, why you do what you do, how others perceive you and SO IMPORTANT – how to better understand and communicate with others. Individual or group coaching helps you integrate this knowledge leading to enriched relationships, more meaningful careers and improved family or work dynamics. Everything you need to feel confident about your next move. Includes:


Consulting for Private and Public sectors

Consulting for the Public and Private Sectors!

Includes a 3-6 month coaching course to help you lay the groundwork for success in your organization by:

Our mission is WIN/WIN/WIN!   You will be well on your way to delivering outstanding results to your organization! This program has produced ground-breaking success for corporations, CBS Network, the Military, the Wisconsin prison system and inner-city schools.


Life Direction!

Get into the drivers seat of your LIFE. Discover what is most important to you NOW.  A game-changer for those that are feeling stuck, unsure of the next move or lost after a life crisis. Learn how to use the tools to help you tap into your purpose today and take action towards what truly brings you fulfillment and direction. Customized for your situation and needs. Discretion assured.
The Life Direction program takes you on a path of:

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