This episode is with a “ticket” – Gayle Johnson, an average mom, government worker, living a regular life in Newfoundland, Canada – who at the age of 50 loses over 100 pounds and goes on to BREAK ALL Canadian Powerlifting records and win GOLD and SILVER on the International stage. She drops absolute gold on how she lost the weight “almost effortlessly” and in her efforts to get in shape – found Powerlifting and went on to break national and world records! You can find Gayle at or I truly hope that these interviews will INSPIRE AND LIGHT A SPARK for people in their own lives to pursue and perservere to bring to life their own BIG STORIES!


Our valued client, Eva Yanqiu Xu, graciously shares her experience on the profound impact of dedicating focused attention to her life priorities. In her candid reflection, she openly acknowledges the occasional missteps influenced by social media pressures. Eva goes on to express a newfound sense of balance and alignment with her inner guidance, attributing this positive shift to an incredible exercise facilitated by Tina. With Tina’s guidance, Eva’s goals have evolved from aspirations into reality, with the transformative power of intentional living and personalized coaching